Kate Heron

HR Business Partner

About Kate

I fell in love with the season lifestyle after university, where I promised myself that I would do one season and then go and find a ‘real’ job, but a few weeks into my first season I was hooked!

I spent four seasons combining my love of travelling, childcare and the seasonal lifestyle working in Turkey and Antigua before reluctantly returning to the UK in 2009 (real life was finally calling!). Working for Scott Dunn, I can now pass on my passion for seasonal work to a new breed of would-be seasonnaires and wave them off for their next adventure… only sometimes wishing I was going with them!

Seasons done

  • Turkey & Antigua – children’s club staff
  • Turkey – children’s club manager

Season tips

  • Take every opportunity you can, whether it’s learning to windsurf or taking a step up the management ladder – you can be guaranteed not to regret it!
  • Always explore every corner of the area you’re in, you never know when you’ll be back!