A day in the life of a Guest Relations Manager

It all begins at around 8.00am when I begin to plan my day, this is so important as every day is different. There are departing and arriving guests almost every day, so I like to begin by writing a plan of who is leaving and who is arriving. Once I have all of my timings decided I pay a visit to the reception team to find out where my new guests will be staying. Once I know where they are staying I can prepare for their arrival by placing their hamper of local goodies and essential items into their residence and making sure that everything is as they requested it.

Next up I visit the Explorers club and welcome the children for their day of adventures. Our amazing childcare team have the club ready to open at 10.00am, six days a week, and they take children aged 4 months to 12 years. I like to sit outside the club and catch up with the parents, usually once they’ve relieved themselves of their children! It’s a great opportunity to find out how their holiday is going and if there is anything that I can do for them. They may ask me to do anything from finding a last minute table at a much sought after restaurant or arrange a special pink birthday cake for their child’s birthday tea! I also love to speak with guests about their day’s plans and recommend some places that I think they’ll love, whether that be a surf lesson on the west coast or exploring nearby towns.

Another big part of my job is to say goodbye to our departing guests, all of our guests arrive and depart from resort in a private taxi so I like to check that the vehicle is absolutely perfect and that the guests have everything that they need before they leave for the airport. It’s also a great opportunity to collect feedback and I’m often sad to see my guests leave, especially their adorable children!

By now it’s the early afternoon and time for a bit of a break before I return to work to greet arriving guests, because timings alter every day so does my spare time which means that I get to experience the surrounding area at different times of the day. If I have a morning off I’ll usually spend a few hours on the beach or go for a walk and meet friends for coffee. In the afternoons I might go shopping and if I have a whole evening off then it’s usually dinner with the childcare team. I always reserve my day off for the big adventures and really make the most of the local area.

I return to work in the late afternoon to greet arriving guests. Whilst they’re checking in it’s a great opportunity to get to know the children and tell them about the exciting things that they have to look forward to. Once the guests are checked in I walk them to their residence through the beautiful grounds pointing out all of the best spots to swim, relax and dine. Once in the residence I show them around and then leave them to relax and enjoy their holiday knowing that I will see them at the children’s club and around the grounds.

As my working day comes to an end I spend time catching up on paperwork and making sure that I’m up to speed ready for the next day.