A day in the life of a Children’s Club Nanny

My day starts at 9.00am when I arrive at the children’s club to get set up and ready for the day ahead. I fill up water bottles, prepare a morning snack and ensure that a wide range of activities are on offer for when the children arrive, and as today is ‘Pirate Day’ I also have some clues to hide for this morning’s treasure hunt!

As soon as 9.45am hits, the children are starting to arrive and I am excited to begin our pirate adventure. Once the children are signed in we get stuck into making our pirate hats (I make one for myself of course) and decorating our eye patches. After some pirate face paint we are all kitted out and excited for our treasure hunt.

After our morning snack, sun cream application and a quick toilet stop, we have found our first clue and we’re off scouring the resort for our next one. After lots of searching, a quick pit stop at the park and a water break, I lead some very triumphant Adventurers back to club clutching their treasure chest! Just in time for a couple of pirate stories before lunch at 12.00pm.

After lunch the children have a well-earned thirty minute rest whilst I clear away lunch and set up for the afternoon activities.

With lunch over and batteries recharged, it’s time to get creative, after all, what’s a pirate without his pet parrot? Once we have all done some colourful creations it’s time for our next sun cream application and some outdoor games.

After a few rounds of ‘Pirate Says’, ‘Back to the Ship’ and many more games, it’s time for a break in the shade whilst we prepare for our wooden leg walk. Where will this lead I wonder?

Our wooden leg walk leads us straight to the ice cream shop, just in time for afternoon snack and our weekly treat which is always a favourite for the children! After the hard decision of which flavour to have (I always go for a new one each week) we settle down in a shaded area to enjoy our ice creams before the heat melts them away!

With the afternoon disappearing rapidly, it’s time to head down to the pool for our daily swim! We get changed, add more sun cream and inflate any swim aids, then it’s time to walk the plank! Many games, races and turns on the slide later, and of course an epic splash battle (which the children of course win), it’s time to get out, get dry and head back to club for high tea.

After a delicious high tea we settle down to draw some pictures of our day whilst the parents begin to arrive to collect their children. After giving the parents a detailed account of the day, the children are signed out and we wave goodbye until tomorrow – ‘Dinosaur Day’!

With all the children gone it’s now time to clean the club! Kitchen, bathrooms, playrooms and corridors are tidied, swept and mopped ready for tomorrow!

Now as it’s still a beautiful summer evening, we head down to the local beach for an evening swim, and perhaps a cold drink as we relax and enjoy the stunning view of the sunset and the sea!