Lorna Cattle

Lorna Cattle

Overseas Recruitment and HR Manager

About Lorna

After leaving university, I accidentally fell into recruitment and quickly fell in love with helping people find new roles, gain promotions or make complete career changing decisions. Gradually my role became more HR focussed and I’m now working as the Overseas Recruitment and HR Manager here at Scott Dunn.

I’ve been fortunate enough to travel extensively throughout Europe with my previous roles and I love to travel as much as I can in my personal life so moving to work in the travel industry felt like the right decision.

Favourite Places:

  • Everywhere in Italy (Puglia if I had to choose!)
  • Otres Beach, Cambodia
  • Bath, UK

Top Tips:

  • Prepare Questions – remember an interview isn’t just about us interviewing you; you should be interviewing us too!
  • Be on time – nothing makes a worse impression to a future employer than being late for an interview. Aim to arrive 10-15 minutes before the interview time.
  • When applying for jobs – aim high and think outside the box. Try new things and experience different industries to find what you love.